ТзОВ «ІРС СІСТЕМ» – один з найпотужніших виробників і постачальників макаронної продукції Західної України, під торговими марками «AVANTI» і «FARINELLA»
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IRS SYSTEM LLC is situated in Lutsk city Volyn region, Ukraine.


Lutsk — regional administrative centre of Volyn region. Quantity of citizen as of 01 january 2016 is 217,4 thousand person. Lutsk is situated on northen west of Ukraine. 398 km of international highway estrange Lutsk from capital of Ukraine — Kyiv.


Lutsk first mentioned in chronicles in 1085 year.


Lutsk city has favorable geographic position: distance up to the border with Poland and Belarus Republics does not exceed 85 and 150 km; city is cituated on the cross of automobile route leading to Poland and Belarus Republics, as well as railway connection Kyiv-Warshawa, Kyiv-Berlin, Kyiv-Brest etc.


IRS SYSTEM LLC is one of the biggest manufacturers and suplies of pasta in Western Ukraine, known under the trademarks «AVANTI» and «FARINELLA».


Company doing business as manufacturer of pasta since 2012. Factory is situated in purlieus of Lutsk with convenient access for trucks as well as for cars on the route Lutsk-Ustilug


Proximity to the border with EU and close relations with europanian partners allows quickly implement innovations and advanced technology of pasta manufacture.
Five years of formation of the company have allowed not only to introduce high pasta manufacture and quality standards and to establish itself as a reliable and responsible partner for our customers and suppliers.


Modern high technology equipment, skilled, close-knit team, professional management and competent marketing policy allow IRS SYSTEM LLC has strong positions in the Ukrainian market, creating cutting-edge companies compete pasta industry.

Volyn region. Lutsk district, Tarasove, 2A, Zhovtneva str.