Soup with noodles | AVANTI PASTA

Soup with noodles | AVANTI PASTA
ТзОВ «ІРС СІСТЕМ» – один з найпотужніших виробників і постачальників макаронної продукції Західної України, під торговими марками «AVANTI» і «FARINELLA»
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Макарони Avanti - Soup with noodles
Макарони Avanti - Soup with noodles


Vermicelli TM “AVANTI” – 100 g
veal – 200 g
Potatoes – 3 pcs
carrots – 1 pc
Onion – 1 pc
herbs – dill, parsley
spices – salt, pepper


-boil the meat into 1.5 liters of water for 30 minutes,
-carrots and onions cut into cubes and fry in a pan on low heat for 3-5 min.
-potatoes cut into cubes and add to the broth,
-add salt and pepper to taste,
-we bring the potatoes until tender and add to the soup Vermicelli TM “AVANTI” and fried vegetables, stirring with a spoon for 3-5 min.
-add the herbs and the dish is ready!

Output – 6 servings