Tecnology | AVANTI PASTA

Tecnology | AVANTI PASTA
ТзОВ «ІРС СІСТЕМ» – один з найпотужніших виробників і постачальників макаронної продукції Західної України, під торговими марками «AVANTI» і «FARINELLA»
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Our company is a modern pasta factory, which is a complete line, where all the stages, starting from the gate , supply of raw materials to packaging of finished products are automated, technologically verified with the manufacturing process based on the best international standards. Production is based on the «Braibanti» tech automated line (Italy).


Production capacity – 2500 kg of pasta per hour.


Products TM «AVANTI», «FARINELLA» are packed in polymeric materials through «Ricciarelli» and «Stavelli» modern filling equipment (Italy):


400 g (polypropylene film);
900 g (polypropylene film);
1000 g (polypropylene film);
2000 (plastic film);
3000 g (plastic film).


Our pasta is a dried dough made of fance white wheat flour and specially prepared drinking water from own wells, formed in the form of tubes, threads, or other types of braces.
A feature and advantage of TM «AVANTI», «FARINELLA» among similar line has high consumer requirements:


– The preservation of the product shape during cooking (do not boil soft, do not stick together);
– The proportion of deformed pasta no more than 1% (according to ISO allowed up to 2%);
– The share of the crumbs to 3% (according to ISO allowed up to 6%);
– Shelf life 24 months (without special storage conditions);
– Features Italian technology make it possible to obtain pasta with excellent taste, which provides high consumer appeal, and the most satisfying consumer tastes;
– Well chosen colors and packaging design enable consumers to distinguish Pasta TM «AVANTI» that «FARINELLA» among others.